The cloud

It’s no longer enough to keep your data on your HD, if you want to be one of the cool kids you have to put it in the cloud, baby! Easy access from all your devies, backup, sharing with coworkers, friends and of course the NSA! Or maybe you’re just too lazy to get up and attach your Backup-HD?

Sorted by subjective feeling of worth, grouped by security.

The elephants. Probably storing your data in unencrypted form on US soil (you know what that means)

Dropbox - 2GB for free, 100GB for $9.99/month (personal) or 1TB/5 users minimum for $75/month (business) – I’m currently paying for this. Works well and does what it should.

Google Drive – 15GB for free, 100GB for $1.99/month (personal) or unlimited (1TB per user if < 5 users) for $10/user/month (business) – happily using this for documents.

OneDrive - 15GB for free, 100GB for $1.99/month (personal) or 1TB for $2.50/user/month (add 1GB for $0.20/month) – I’m not convinced.

Office 365 Small Business Premium – 1TB/user + full Office for $12.50/user/month – nah, I’m sticking to Google Docs.

iCloud - well. you can’t store files there. that alone makes all the other options better. Also: platform independence. On a regular day I use OS X, Windows, iOS, Android and WP8. iCloud Drive will arrive later this year, let’s see how that turns out…

Probably stored in unencrypted form, but in Norway:

Jottacloud –  5GB for free, unlimited for $9.99 (personal) or 100 GB for unlimited users for $10/month (add 100GB for $6/month) – I use this for more sensitive stuff. And I encrypt the files myself with GPG before uploading them. Not very practical, I know…

Client-side encryption, stored in encrypted form

Wuala - nothing for free, 5GB for EUR 0.99/month (+100GB for EUR 9.99) (personal) or 100GB for 5 users for EUR 389 / YEAR – client-side encryption, data stored in Switzerland, Germany, France – just subscribed to the minimal 5GB plan. seemed like the best option to back up sensitive data!

Bitcasa - 20GB for free, 1TB for $10/month – sounds really great, but it’s slow as hell. completely unusable

SpiderOak - 2GB for free, 100 GB For $10/month (personal) or 100GB for $10/user/month (business) – haven’t tried this one, client-side encryption sounds good, but it’s based in the US

TresorIt – file-size limits and data transfer limits even for the paid plan? No, thank you.

Mega – 50 GB for free or 500 GB for $9.99/month – no, too much shady stuff going on there…


So… How do you do it? Anyone doing the personal cloud thing?


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    Raphael Dias on August 8, 2014 at 12:07 | Permalink

    Edward Snowden, in an interview for The Guardian, has suggested Spider Oak. The reason is the fact they use Zero-Knowledge encryption.

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