Komplete Logic

After some years of marveling at the wonders that Native Instruments are developing, I finally pushed the button when I heard about the current Komplete 5 offer (now apperently sold out). So after 2 1/2 weeks of waiting and 6+ hours of installing/updating the 50+ GB of samples and instruments I’m now all set up to make some music again… (not that I really have the time right now, but I’m set up for it! yay!)

So expect the next game (the one after the two that I’m currently involved in) to have a nice home-made soundtrack! – BTW: This will be a step down, as the soundtracks of both aforementioned games are being done by professionals…
Lessons learnt so far:
How to use virtual instruments in Logic: After an hour of trying to drop KONTAKT 3.5 into an Insert Slot on a Stereo Audio Track, deleting and re-building all Audio Unit Caches, searching through support forums, and some desperate borderline-voodoo stuff, I finally had a look at the Logic Express Manual and learned that I have to make a Software Instrument Track and set its Input Slot to KONTAKT… Another lesson learnt the hard way…
How to use 2 audio devices at once in Logic: Create an Aggregated Device with the Audio MIDI Setup in Applications/Utilities
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