V-Drums and Battery 3

After 10 years I’ve finally given up all hope of ever living in a place were I can use my acoustic drumkit again, so got myself an electronic kit.

Since neither Kontakt nor Battery Kits seem to be made for E-Drums I had to do some adjustments. Changing the kits seemed more flexible than changing the MIDI settings on the e-drumkit, so I made this little info-graphic showing the midi-signals produced by all the parts of the TD-11KV. (I imagine other Roland V-Drum kits might behave similarly)

Print it a few times and you’ll know exactly what to enter for each cell in Battery 3 and you can check off everything you’ve covered as you go along…

Roland V-Drums TD-11KV MIDI Signal Info-graphicAnd yes, this will slow down my game development process even further. :)

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    Earl Brackett on June 26, 2018 at 23:02 | Permalink

    do you think this will hold true for a TDK-15 module ? thx very much ! Earl

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